A fairy-tale place for your wedding

Each wedding at our mill is exciting and exceptional. If you decide to have your wedding at our mill, we will take care about most of the wedding preparations. Our mill is unique for both its design and locality. It is our goal that every wedding is fabulous from the beginning to the end. Consequently, as a part of the wedding pack, we include many services you would otherwise have to arrange elsewhere.

We take care about the wedding being like a fairy-tale, you make sure the rest of your life is the same.

Please, take notice that the basic wedding pack is fixed.

No item or service can be taken from it. We guarantee high exclusivity, beautiful setting and amazing locality. The dates for wedding ceremonies per a year are very limited, so the costs cannot be changed. We fully focus on providing perfect experiences for the guests who have decided to employ our services.

The capacity for weddings is 120 guests.

Wedding ceremony at Martinský mlýn

The first step after getting engaged is usually choosing where and when to have the ceremony. If you are interested to have your ceremony and feast at Martinský mlýn, you can rest assured that we have organized and experienced many weddings and that even yours can be done perfectly.

Our wedding-related services

We have many years of experiences with organizing and coordinating weddings. If you choose to employ our services, you also choose trouble-free preparations and experience. We always guide and inform the future bride and groom about all we do. There are many things to think of and it is easy to forget something. We make sure nothing like that happens and that there will not be any unwanted surprises. We will guide you from the first moment we start to plan your wedding to the big day itself. After that, it will be up to you and we will be very happy if you remember us fondly.

Wedding feast

We both organize and coordinate the wedding feast. We choose the decorations, design and menu together with the future brides and grooms, so that they do not have to think about it anymore, and can focus on other important things related to their wedding day.

The wedding pack includes the main feast, a buffet-style dinner and a breakfast in the following morning. For more details check the Wedding plan for 2017 (below).

Wedding tariff

Please, check the complete wedding plan and tariff carefully. Further questions can be discussed over the phone or during a personal meeting.

Wedding photography

Believe us; wedding photos from our mill always bring out happy memories of your big day. Our wedding pack includes services of a photographer, who knows our mill very well and knows just the most beautiful spots (25-30 photos). For other photography, you can either find your own photographer, or hire our photographer for the whole day.

Contacts and reservations

Do you like our mill? Would you like it to be “the place” for the first day of your journey together?

Then fill in your perfect date into our form and we will let you know as soon as possible if the given date is free.

Wedding plan for 2017 (link)

Reservations and more information: +420 728 199 288